Monday, 24 April 2017

Update 2-3

Dear mom and dad....
I failed exams the other day. I'm sorry, I thought I'd studied hard enough. Apparently missing out with the brain enhancer took a huge toll on my performance. I didn't know some of the important answers because I didn't use it.
It wasn't finals. I still have a chance. But if I can't even pass the first exams, how am I going to be able to pass finals?? I'm going to be a failure. I'm sorry. 
But I shouldn't just whine here. How have your days been? I made a friend. Her name is Carey. She's nice enough. She listens to me, at least, and works hard enough for school, which is more than I can say for most of the students here. But then again, most of the students still managed to pass and I didn't, so maybe that doesn't mean as much as I think it does.
There was a party on Saturday. It was hosted in my dorm, so I couldn't just miss it. Besides, I was invited. Clark told me that I needed it. Apparently I'd been moping around since exams and I 'killed the mood everywhere I went'. It started out fairly tame. Nobody was daring each other to kiss random people, which was nice. 
Carey convinced me to try out some 'juice'. I... don't think that was juice. Not from any plant I've ever seen, at least. It smelled and tasted horrible. Like how I expected cat pee to taste. I only had one cup, and then I left it alone. I'm glad I did, too. Once people had had more than a couple of cups of the stuff, they started getting crazy. One girl had her friend hold her up so she could drink from the tap upside-down. Some people started running around naked. Nobody thought anything of it, though.

After a while they started passing out again. I went back to my room and went to bed. 
I got an email from my professor telling me that I could try using some red node thing if I wanted extra credit. I tried it, but... have you seen that thing? I don't even know what it does. I'm not sure I want to find out, either. What if it blows up? I've never used it before, I'd definitely mess it up and destroy something and get myself killed. I didn't get the extra credit. 
I got to use the brain enhancer, though! Not on myself. Some guy I've never seen before volunteered to let me try it on him. Apparently I'd still learn the same stuff, just about this other guy's brain and not mine. I was kinda wary at first, but apparently he'd already used one before, so if he was going to slowly die because of it, he was already going to. He showed me how to use it without frying his brain, too.
 But I should really get going now. Class is starting in a little while, and I still have to have breakfast. I'll talk to you again after finals. Hopefully, I won't fail. 
Love, Zachary
Sorry for the short one, but the longer version didn't flow very well and seemed kinda clunky so I had to shorten it and split it into two updates.
Misc. Screenshots (does anyone look at these?)-
 I tried a study group. The other guy just watched cat videos on his phone :/
Carey doesn't like cats?? Blasphemy.
Zachary autonomously went streaking. I didn't think it fit his personality very well so I didn't include it, but it was kinda funny
The guy I used the brain enhancer on passed out on Zachary's floor
.... That's kinda creepy, bro.
Why the heck is he playing pool with a food processor?
Zachary likes to autonomously berate Clark's ignorance, too. Poor guy.


  1. Poor Zachary, university life isn't easy for him :( But it's good that he found a volunteer for that brain deep fryer, would have been a shame if his grades suffered because he was too afraid to use it on himself! I wonder if he will get used to all the stuff that comes with living in a dorm if he really wants to go for 3 degrees.

    I'm always looking at the misc. screenshots! =D The food processor pool lmao. Though I wouldn't mind if you put them up directly, you really don't have to be worried about having too many pictures!

    1. He'll have to get used to it eventually, haha. Or at least, learn to ignore it, because it sure as hell ain't going anywhere. Poor Zachary.

      Good to know! I have them as a link so that I can put a caption on it more easily, but if you'd like to see them directly I can do that!!

  2. Aww, I didn't realize that refusing to use the degree objects could negatively impact one's grade so much. But I've only played a little bit of UL.

    And poor Zachary! He got so much flak for kissing someone on a dare, and everyone else is running around naked. XD He must be so confused.

    1. I didn't either - I'm not sure if that's what's causing the drop in grades or not, but considering I've had him spend a hell of a lot of time studying, working hard in class, and he's never missed any, I can't think of what else could be the problem. That being said, don't take my word for it :P

      He's very, very confused lmao. Dormitories are a mess, but then where would the fun be in sending him to rent a house? :P