Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Update 2-2

Dear mom and dad....
Hi!! It's Zachary again! I've started classes. They're.... kinda stressful, actually. More stressful than high school, although I guess I should have been expecting that. Like... it's uni. I'm not a kid. I'm in the big leagues now. But it'd be kinda nice if I didn't have so many long classes one after another. My schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays is busy as all heck! I do get a break in between classes, but it's not long enough to go back to my dorm and eat before I have to go to the next class.  I'm managing, though.
Tuesdays and Thursdays are better, though. Tuesdays are a class activity and Thursdays are a lecture, and then the rest of the day is free time. The class activity is at some comic book store. We're supposed to use those brain enhancer things.
 I skipped out on it, though. I'm sorry. The professor got mad at me, but I just couldn't. How do I know that thing is safe? The part that goes over your head is made out of a pasta strainer with a spoon, a spatula, and a wrench sticking out of it. That just screams 'dodgy device made in some kid's garage'. How do I know that it won't fry my brain, or slowly kill me over the span of a few years? How can everyone be so okay with this?!  I left mine in my room, and in my room it's staying.
Thursday's lecture is a lot better. All I have to do is sit at a desk, listen to the professor, and take notes. 
It's a little hard to pay attention when there are so many people snoring, though. I don't get it - how can they sleep through this? It's pretty interesting stuff, and more importantly, they're gonna need to know it come exams time.
There was some guy just outside the lecture hall dressed up as a llama. Remember that one silly song that was really popular a little while ago? Gangim Style or whatever? He was doing the dance to that, and singing some other song. Apparently he's the mascot of the university. As for why he was ripping of the Gangim Style dance... I couldn't get a straight answer from him.
 Lemme see here, what else can I talk about.. Oh! My dormmates! They're... interesting. They pass out in the middle of the floor a lot... even though they have perfectly good beds. It's not like they're overworking themselves, though. Some of them don't even bother with work at all!
 They don't clean up after themselves at all, either. I do all of the chores around here. I'm cleaning up after seven other people on top of all my work, while they run around throwing parties and being lazy as all heck.
They're not careful, either! They keep setting the oven on fire!! I have to keep checking on it just in case they've left it on. Good thing they have an alarm.

Honestly, mom, you should come over them and give them one of your fire safety talks. They won't listen to me. They think I'm weird because I keep doing all of their chores, and I spend too much time studying, and I brush my teeth three times over before and after every meal. 
But apparently it's normal to walk around the dorm in your underwear. Nobody thinks anything of it. I don't get it.

I got to try some new things, though. There's this machine in the kitchen that makes coffee. I know you said I wasn't supposed to have caffeine, since it makes me hyper, but I just had to try some! It's great. It helped keep me up long enough to study.
But I gotta go now. It's getting late, and I gotta study for exams tomorrow. It was great talking to you, though!! :)
Love, Zachary
The misc screenshot section makes its return! Including some from the last update, since I forgot to add them then.
Not sure why I took this one, but have Zachary and a book
Coca Cola. Cus why the hell not.
Studying. You'd think there'd be more interesting shots to take at uni, but nope.
Zachary and the firefighter had a nice chat.
Look at this goddamn mess. It only gets worse when I remember to add laundry... *shudders*
Repairing their crappy shower for like the third time.


  1. Haha, good job capturing all the weirdness of Uni. It's so tedious, but there's at least weird roomies to liven things up. I remember it being somewhat similar in TS2, though I think it was more interesting in TS2, too.

    Zachary is a hot mess, and that makes him so adorable.

    1. Yeah - even though there's not much to write about, you can always count on the roomies to be doing something weird somewhere. I don't remember much from TS2 uni since I haven't had access to a windows computer to play it on for a while, but I do remember there was always something happening there, too - usually a cow mascot getting into fights and arguing with people.

      Zachary is a precious trainwreck and I love him.

  2. Ok I just noticed that my last comment was somehow eaten by your blog, I will make sure that my comment goes through this time.

    I know not everyone likes sending their sims to uni but I played quite a bit there with another family and I loved it =D The dorm didn't look any better than yours, though...:

    Poor Zachary :( I hope once he goes for his second and third degree he will have enough money to rent his own place, cleaning up after seven people sure isn't fun.
    Oh and if Zachary thinks it's weird to walk around in underwear, just wait until they start streaking every five minutes!

    1. Oh no! You're not the only one who's comment's been eaten D: I wonder if this happens a lot...

      Ahaha, that's about right. You'd think at least _some_ of them would bother to clean up after themselves, but nope. Apparently none of them rolled the neat trait, either >_>

      I'm hoping so, too. Unfortunately the financial aid isn't really enough to cover all of the uni cost, and I keep having to replace that stove, and buy more groceries because the roommates keep preparing meals and then leaving them laying around to rot. I'm going broke already, and I didn't even buy any furniture.
      Just wait until he comes across a juice keg party. Hooo boy.