Generation II (Current)

Heir: Zachary Attaway♂
Spouse: ???
Children: ???
Pets: Hardimos ♂, Pumpkin ♂, Aslan ♂,  Kerri ♀, Skittles ♀
Family Structure: Step Children
Required No. of Children: 
Primary Income: Standard Career - Law Enforcement (Special Agent)
Secondary Income: Standard Career - Criminal (Evil)
Generational Goal: Career Student - Ivory Tower
Pet Goal: Perfectionist - Hunting
Misc. Fun: No Strangers
Personal Thoughts:

Career student as a generational goal means I'm going to be spending quite a lot of time in university. I could just send Zachary to a whole bunch of classes, but nah. That's not as fun. Besides, his LTW is to get three degrees.

The careers in this roll are amusing me so much. The special agent married to a horrible criminal. I wonder if either of them are aware of the other's job. Kinda hard to miss.
I'm mildly annoyed that I'm only getting one child again. It's a lot easier, sure, but I have some plans for story this generation and it'd make a lot more sense if I were allowed more than one kid. Still, I can work with this. Step children is a nice change, too, especially since Zachary's romantic interest is male. No worries about adopting some random kid with the same face as every other NPC ever - I just have to go through a bit of meddling to get more kids in the town.

Generation I

Heir: Kylie Attaway ♀
Spouse: Jonah Attaway ♂
Children: Zachary Attaway ♂
Pets: Taiga ♀, Hardimos ♂, Pumpkin ♂, Aslan ♂,  Kerri ♀, Skittles ♀, Strawberry
Family Structure: Couple
Required No. of Children: 1 (Requirement met)
Primary Income: Profession - Firefighter
Secondary Income: Non-Standard Career - Adventurer/Scuba Diver
Generational Goal: Perfectionist - Guitar (Goal met)
Pet Goal: Fulfilled
Misc. Fun: Homemade
Personal Thoughts:
 I'm really looking forward to starting this challenge, and my rolls have made it even better. I used to love the firefighter profession, although I haven't played it in a while, and I haven't done much in World Adventures yet so going adventuring in tombs for treasure will be something new, and hopefully interesting. Unfortunately, there aren't any dive spots in the town I picked, so unless they move later I'm stuck with just tomb raiding.
I am worried about using adventuring as a source of income, though, considering traveling isn't free. I'm thinking I'll probably just go on adventures when I happen to have the cash from firefighting to pay for traveling - maybe once every one or two weeks, once my family gets settled down and I have some spare cash. In the meantime, Jonah can learn gardening and fishing for cooking, since he'll have the time anyway and Kylie will be too busy with work and guitar.

I'm rather pleased that I rolled a couple with one child - I don't normally give my sims more than one or two children and I'd rather start with something fairly easy rather than jump in the deep end with something absurd like a single parent with a full-time job and five children.

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