Sunday, 9 April 2017

Update 2-1

Dear mom and dad....
Hey! It's me, Zachary. I made the trip safely! I know I just called earlier, but I wanted to send an e-mail as well. That way, I can tell you about my day a little more coherently. You know how I get when I'm excited... I talk so fast you can barely hear what I'm saying, and I know you're having more trouble keeping up than you used to. Besides, like this I can talk to both of you at once, and you don't have to drop everything just to talk to me! It's great, right?
 I'll still call of course, but remember to check your e-mails a lot. :D (That was an emoticon, mom. Tilt your head to the side. See it? Apparently its a big thing on the internet now. :O :) :( D: :T :P) 
I managed to get into a dormitory. I would have preferred to stay by myself, but the dorms are free and renting a house isn't. I got here pretty early, so I got a really nice room! It even has a fireplace! I'm not gonna use it though. I haven't forgotten what you taught me about fireplaces. What if I left it lit by accident? Everything would burn down and I'd die and the rest of the dorm would die because I was an idiot. Besides, my room has carpet in it. It took a while to unpack all of my stuff by myself, but I think it looks really nice.

See that machine in the corner? Apparently that's a brain enhancer. The university supplied everyone in my major one of those. I really don't like having it in my room, but it's a necessity for class, so I don't really have much of a choice. I really don't want to use it, though....
I found space on my dresser and the mantelpiece for all my stuff, which is a relief. I was worried that there wouldn't be enough room! I brought Cuddles, too. I gave up on the imaginary friend thing a while ago, but it just doesn't seem right without him there. One of the other students in the dorm keeps playing some kinda trick on me though. He and that gnome keep appearing in weird places. It's strange, though - I keep my door locked. They must have found a way in through the window.
There was a meet and greet earlier, too. Everyone was already off in their own little groups, though, and I didn't want to interrupt... they wouldn't have liked that, I don't think. The school was handing out freebies, though! I took a whole bunch. That was super generous of them!!! Nobody else took any, though. Dunno why. 
 I didn't really get to talk to anyone, which sucked. I did play a bit of table tennis with this one girl, though! She didn't really say anything, though, and I didn't get her name, either. 
 I was invited to a party, though!! One of the boys in the fraternity nearby hosted one and invited everyone. He said that he wanted to see who the cool kids were around here. I asked him why he couldn't just do that at the meet and greet, but he said it was because it was 'lame'. I don't see what was so lame about it! They even gave us free stuff.
I still went to the party, though. I couldn't just miss it after he invited me so nicely! There were so many people there, though. Too many people. I spotted the host pretty quickly. He was talking to one of the other guys in my dorm, Clark. As soon as I went over, though, Clark left... dunno why. The host seemed pretty happy to see me, though. He was smiling, at least.
And then for some reason, he told me to just go and kiss someone. Anyone. I don't know why he wanted me to do that, but I really didn't want to. That seemed... rude. Wrong. Besides, what about Donovan? But he was giving me a funny look, and I didn't want to look like an idiot in front of everyone. Maybe it was some kinda tradition or something? I don't know.
Even though he asked me to, he got really mad when I kissed him. I don't get it - didn't he want me to do that? He ran off before I could ask him, but at least I did it. 
I heard someone else playing guitar in another room, so I went over to go listen. And... it was awful. I didn't even know anyone could be that bad. You were so much better, mom. 
 I didn't stay around much longer. This party wasn't very good, and I'd already made a fool of myself. I just went home and made dinner. The kitchen in the dorm isn't very good, either. Everything is really, really cheap. I don't like it.
But I gotta go now. It's getting late, and I have to head to bed soon or else I'll be tired in class tomorrow morning. Goodnight, and see you later.
Love, Zachary


  1. Love the letter format, especially the bits about emoticons. Zachary's neurotic trait really shows in this chapter--worrying about burning down the dorm is something I'd do, too. XD

    1. I'm glad the letter format works! I'm gonna have to work something out for when Zachary's done with university, because letters probably wouldn't work out since he's going to be moving back in with Kylie and Jonah for now, but it's nice to see that you like what I have.

      (It's also nice to know his traits are recognisable in my writing. I'd really hate for his personality to get lost to bad writing.)