Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Update 1-4

The next morning, Kylie found a surprise outside as she took out the trash.
It was hard to tell through all the snow, but was that... a kitten?
Was it Taiga's? She hadn't realized her cat was expecting. But regardless, it couldn't possibly be good for it to be out in the snow at such a young age.
Kylie didn't notice it at first, but there were two kittens, not one.
Kylie immediately brought them in and fed them. She wasn't so sure it was a good idea to give newborn kittens solid, dry food, but it didn't seem to be doing them much harm so she let it be.
Jonah didn't even notice they were there, and just continued on fetching breakfast.

After Kylie pointing them out to him and a short discussion, they decided on names. Aslan for the shorthaired one, and Pumpkin for the round fluffy one. Both of them were males.

Shortly after this, Kylie found herself vomiting. Lovely.
She considered taking the day off of work in case she was sick, but of course her work was highly important, so she still went. It was fairly uneventful, though.

By the time she came home however, she had a realization.
 She was going to have a baby.

Kylie and Jonah had been planning on having a baby ever since they first got married and moved to Sunset Valley, and now that they were actually going to have one they were overjoyed.

While Kylie was getting a maternity leave from work, that didn't mean she was excused from doing chores. Jonah wanted to read all sorts of books on pregnancy so that he could be a good father, which meant Kylie had to do all of the chores he would normally handle himself. He meant well, though.
She also spent some of her spare time upgrading her fire extinguisher.

Time flew by incredibly quickly, and before they knew it, Kylie was in labor.

Despite all of his reading, Jonah panicked, leaving Kylie to call a taxi to the hospital by herself.
Soon, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Zachary.

After having an empty room for so long, it felt great to finally complete their family. Kylie and Jonah spent as much time as possible with little Zachary.
The cats had taken quite the interest in the new human kitten, too.
Later that evening, Kylie got a visit from one of her co-workers. Perhaps he'd already heard about Zachary and came to congratulate the new parents, or perhaps he just felt like visiting. Regardless, him and Kylie talked for a while.
And then suddenly, in the middle of making small talk about the weather, he fell over and died of thirst on their doorstep. Perhaps he should have had something to drink before he came visiting people.
Rude much?
Still, Kyle gave him a proper, respectful funeral.

......By picking up his ashes and tossing them in the bin with all the trash, rather than scattering them, or putting them in an urn, or giving them to his family. Because she has so much respect for the dead.
By the way, she doesn't have any more co-workers - the old lady that used to work with her died a little while ago. That makes Kylie the only firefighter in Sunset Valley again.

Nothing else happened until Pumpkin and Zachary - but not Aslan, for some reason - had their birthdays at the same time. Nobody came around to celebrate poor Zachary's....
But then both Kylie and Aslan came by for Pumpkin's.
I reckon they're not doing it on purpose - they're just worn out and busy.
Hardimos cared about Zachary, at least.
Aslan's birthday came the next day. I have no idea why him and Pumpkin don't share a birthday despite being twins. He, too, had his birthday celebrated.
Adult screenshots of Pumpkin and Aslan.

But Kylie's maternity leave wasn't quite over yet. Her and Jonah decided to make up for it and spend as much time as possible with their only child.
It was decided that Kylie would teach him to talk, and Jonah would handle walking. Potty training was never brought up - perhaps they were both worried about being made to do it?
Eventually, Kylie did go back to work - but she still made time to read to Zachary before bed every night.
 With Kylie back at work, potty training duty fell on Jonah.
Kylie flat out refused to feed anyone in the family anything that wasn't homemade - and preferably homegrown - which meant they had to buy a food processor in order to make baby food for Zachary. This wasn't a problem though, as money had stopped being a major issue anymore. Jonah had a feeling his son would probably prefer to eat mashed up pancakes, salads, and carbonara than cheap baby food anyway, if he even noticed.

When the weekend rolled around, Kylie and Jonah decided it'd be nice to go for a day out. Zachary wouldn't be young for much longer, and would soon be busy with school, homework, and friends. They wanted to spend time with him while they still could.

So Jonah packed some hot dogs and Kylie brought out the pram they'd bought a while back alongside all of the other baby furniture, and they took a walk to the beach.
They grilled hot dogs for lunch and spent time splashing in the ocean until evening.
Kids don't stay young forever though, which meant soon enough it was Zachary's birthday again. While his parents wanted to throw him a party, they realized that after Kylie's co-workers died, they didn't know anyone outside of their immediate family. Next time, maybe, after he'd gone to school and made some friends.
Of course, this called for some redecorating. With that high chair out of the way, they could also rearrange the main room to be a little less cluttered.

Well that was eventful. I probably could have split this into two updates, but I couldn't figure any place to actually cut it without it being too abrupt - so have a long one.
Zachary's traits are Excitable, Athletic, and Genius. Pumpkin is Playful, Neat, and Quiet, while Aslan is Hyper and Proud.

Misc. Screenshots -
Zachary as a child - also on the characters page.
One evening I tried for about three sim hours to get Kylie to go to bed, but instead of actually going to bed, she walked into the bedroom, then the bathroom, and then walked outside to the edge of the lot and complained about a pathing error. (Later I found out there was a piece of dirty laundry hidden where I couldn't see it in the way. Still a weird thing for her to do though.)
While teaching Zachary to walk, Jonah would keep going into this pose for a split second. It was a little creepy to be honest, but just a graphics glitch.
Kylie firefighting #1
Kylie firefighting #2
Remember last update where I said "I guess giant carnivore plant attacks are commonplace in sunset valley"? Well apparently, they really are.
Aslan takes after his momma with weird sleeping positions
Jonah playing in a puddle
I found Taiga, Hardimos, and Pumpkin having some kinda secret meeting - without inviting poor Aslan.
Taiga's an elder now, too.
Pumpkin and Aslan
Hardimos is a good dad.
Despite the carpool being right there, Kylie called a taxi to get home from work.


  1. Hah, my most recent litter came out just as yours. Two males, both of the same color but one is short-haired and the other fluffy. The birthday difference is a common thing (bug?) though, happens to me on almost every litter - and sometimes even with sims twins.

    Zachary looks nice, a good mix of both parents! And I love the name, if I ever get to Z with my cat litters, I might have to steal the name for a kitten...

    Sorry about the firefighter thing, EA's story progression is one of the reasons I couldn't imagine playing without mods anymore :(
    I really hope this doesn't become a problem later on in your legacy.

    And hahah Jonah, trying to be a good father by letting his pregnant wife do all the chores and freaking out when he should calm her down xD Men logic (or rather sim logic)...

    1. Hm, nice to know I'm not the only one having that birthday difference thing. Still pretty strange, though.
      One of the things I find kind of strange is their patterns, too - Face and shape wise, Pumpkin and Aslan are both a fairly nice mix of both parents, but when it comes to fur, for some reason they only have stripes on their heads?? Both Taiga and Hardi have full tabby markings, so I find it kind of strange that neither of their kittens do either.

      Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with how Zachary came out! I'm glad you like his name :)

      EA's story progression is horrible, I swear. It's supposed to keep the town alive but the youngest people I can find aside from Zachary and his classmates (which I have a feeling were just randomly generated and homeless when I had him meet people in school), and Kylie's the only firefighter. It's weird though, I could swear the last time I played firefighters, they had co-workers...
      Kylie is going to be an elder soon, and I'll probably have her retire soon after that since they're fairly well off now, so it's probably not going to be much more of a problem unless I roll firefighter again in a later generation. Still, it's a shame that happened D:

      Jonah is best husband. A+.
      But seriously, sims react so horribly to women going into labor. You're the one who's _not_ going into labor - so calm down and get her to a hospital!

  2. I also have the birthday difference thing! It's so frustrating and I can't figure out how to fix it. Twins (sims and animals) will end up with different birthdays.

    I love the name Aslan! And both he and his brother are cute.

    OMG, the coworker dying on the doorstep. XD That is sooo rude! True story, I have the ashes of someone I don't particularly care for (it's a long story) and I've thought about throwing them in the bin, just like Kylie.

    Yay for babies! I love the name Zachary.

    1. I guess the birthday thing is yet another common, irritating bug that EA is going to totally ignore. :/
      At least it's not game-breaking. I think if I ever have twins in my legacy, I'll probably cheat a teeny-tiny bit and cake the late one up on their sibling's birthday because sim twins having different birthdays would bother me so much

      Thank you! It's nice to know I'm picking good names.

      Lmao, I totally would have done it if I were you. But then again, I can be fairly sadistic in the Sims, so perhaps that explains it.