Thursday, 9 March 2017

Update 1-1

First thing I did when I finished setting up was send Kylie to go get her job. Then afterwards, she went off to the gym.

Kylie is a failure on the treadmill - but at least she can take some comfort in knowing that the old lady next to her also sucks at running.
She'll get the hang of it eventually though.

But while Kylie's working on her athletics at the gym Jonah is doing the ever so difficult job of... reading a book.

It's not even a skill book. I hope it's good, at least.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful, but the next morning was the first day at Kylie's job.

It went great!! ...For the first ten minutes or so. At that point, a problem arised. Kylie had slept in too late (note to self - buy her an alarm clock later) and had to skip breakfast for the carpool. I figured she could just make some food at the fire station, since there's a kitchen... but I forgot that the fridge there only allows quick meals. Which would be fine, if I didn't roll homemade. But I did.
Jonah ended up running to the fire station with some leftover mac and cheese from the night before. Aww, he brought her lunch.
He even wrapped it up with a nice bow! A bit over the top there buddy, but good on you for putting in effort.
I realized after the fact that there was a barbecue grill outside and Kylie could have made hot dogs or something, but it was hidden where I had to rotate the camera to see it.
There were no emergencies that day. The fire alarm did go off once, but then the job disappeared immediately. I guess it just glitched out of existence.
Let's call it a false alarm.
The bills also came that morning, but much to Kylie and Jonah's dismay, they couldn't afford it. Hopefully they can hold out until Kylie gets her weekly stipend before the repo man comes knocking.

A couple days later and I'm having the glitch with the fire alarm repeatedly. It's getting a little ridiculous. A quick google search tells me to try demolishing and rebuilding the fire station, so I'll probably try that later. For now, though, I can still get job experience from maintaining the fire truck and the alarm, and I can still collect my weekly stipend (...I hope) so I'll just keep going. I am disappointed though. The lack of coworkers combined with absolutely no emergencies whatsoever kinda sucks the fun out of it. Hopefully, I'll have more luck with Jonah's tomb raiding.

Also, there's a zombie playing on her phone outside the window. Completely irrelevant, but I thought it was amusing.

As time goes on, the money situation is getting worse. Not only can they not pay the bills, but they don't even have the cash to fill the cat food bowl. Jonah has resorted to giving Taiga sausage links out of the fridge until Kylie's stipend comes in.
Perhaps I was getting a bit ahead of myself when I prepared for kids so early on. Oh well.

Speaking of Jonah and Taiga, though, they're spending a lot of time together.

I have no idea why the toilet and the sinks are glowing in these pictures (probably lighting stuffs) but it's kinda cool. That is, until you're trying to play the game and the bed, toilet, and sinks start blinding you constantly.

Anyway, this is getting kinda long. I'm going to go ahead and drop a couple more miscellaneous screenshots here and then go ahead and post. I'm still playing some, though, so maybe expect another update soon?

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