Thursday, 9 March 2017


I'm really looking forward to starting this challenge, and my rolls have made it even better. I used to love the firefighter profession, although I haven't played it in a while, and I haven't done much in World Adventures yet so going adventuring in tombs for treasure will be something new, and hopefully interesting. Unfortunately, there aren't any dive spots in the town I picked, so unless they move later I'm stuck with just tomb raiding.
I am worried about using adventuring as a source of income, though, considering traveling isn't free. I'm thinking I'll probably just go on adventures when I happen to have the cash from firefighting to pay for traveling - maybe once every one or two weeks, once my family gets settled down and I have some spare cash. In the meantime, Jonah can learn gardening and fishing for cooking, since he'll have the time anyway and Kylie will be too busy with work and guitar.

I'm rather pleased that I rolled a couple with one child - I don't normally give my sims more than one or two children and I'd rather start with something fairly easy rather than jump in the deep end with something absurd like a single parent with a full-time job and five children. I just went ahead and made the spouse - Jonah - in CaS to save time while I start getting into it. Future generations will have to run off and look for someone on their own though.

I'm also going to do several generations of cats. It may be ten, it may be more or less. I do intend on keeping it up until the end of the challenge, though. I'll be doing generational goals for the cats - for generation one, 'fulfilled', which sounds easy enough. Pets never seem to have difficult wishes anyway - worst case scenario, I have to spend a bit of time having them make friend. Taiga doesn't have a mate yet, but I'll probably adopt one from the shelter around the same time Kylie and Jonah have their kid.

I plonked them down in a small two bedroom house in Sunset Valley, furnished it with the cheapest things available, including the necessities for a cat and a baby, and then used the leftover money to build a small fenced off garden to protect crops from zombies and to repaint the hideous walls that the house came with. This left them with a whole §2 left over. Wow, we're rich. I intend to move them to nicer houses as time goes on and they get more money, but for now they have what they need. I also had to go into edit town and add some buildings, since there was no performance park of any kind, and I also wanted to put in a laundromat since my sims can't afford a washing machine yet. I think I've got all the buildings I'll need to cover most of the jobs, but if I roll something that I don't have the proper buildings for in the future I'll have to go add them in later.

If anybody reading this knows of any buildings I might need that aren't included in default Sunset Valley, I'd appreciate it if you let me know ^_^

One final thing - I'm playing entirely without mods. I heavily dislike modding my games, so it's all vanilla over here.

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