Saturday, 11 March 2017

Update 1-3

Kylie's birthday was coming up soon, and with it being on a working day,  Jonah decided to treat her a few days early. While they weren't as broke as they were the week before, they weren't so keen on spending money where they didn't need to just yet. So instead of taking her to go see a movie, Jonah instead brought her along for a free tour.

Although I imagine the woohoo backstage wasn't really part of the deal...
(You'd think they'd come out the same door, but no.)

A few uneventful days later, the best, most glorious thing that's ever happened to me in all my years of playing Sims happened.

Kylie was at work (In her new uniform - promotion!) when she got a call for her first major fire.
There was fire everywhere, even in the windows. She had to break down the doors to get to people who were trapped. You could hear trapped sims screaming, and that combined with the dramatic music was enough to actually put me on edge.

And then, right as Kylie is breaking down a door to go rescue a sim, we cut away to an event that's so, so much more important.
The cat growing up.
The game prioritized the cat's birthday over saving lives. I really couldn't do it justice in screenshots. It was hilarious.

So we go back to Kylie and the fire, but a whole three seconds later--

Kylie what are you doing that building is on fire people are literally in there screaming because they can't get out

So Kylie grew up and had a mid-life crisis in the middle of putting out a fire. Nice one Kylie. 10/10 firefighting.
Between her and the cat having a birthday, her peeing herself on the front lawn, and the game glitching and forcing me to leave the lot and come back (which I didn't figure out I had to do for a good five minutes), I got a horrible rank on that job. But hey, Kylie still got a promotion! She gets these things willy-nilly. Three fires - one of which she barely even tried to do - and she's already at level six in her job.

Meanwhile, back at home, Hardimos and Taiga decided to demonstrate why spaying and neutering your pets is highly important.
Well, there's always room in the Attaway household for more kittens!
By the way, for those of you who are interested, here's Hardimos all grown up.
Isn't he pretty? :D
I'll be updating his picture on the characters page, too.

Kylie barely got any sleep that night, thanks to being up so late dealing with that fire. Why can't her co-workers ever show up and help for once? Lousy co-workers...

Later that day, the alarm rang for a building disaster, and so Kylie was off saving the spa from a giant mutant plant that had apparently burst in and was trying to devour people. Because obviously after what she pulled yesterday with the fire, Kylie is the best person for the job. Thankfully, it's just a rabbit hole disaster. She can't really screw it up.
Kylie entered the building, axe in tow, eager to save innocent lives and clear her name after the disaster the day before. Bravely she swung her axe, chopping through roots and vines with ease, rescuing sims who had fallen victim to this terrible disaster.
Meanwhile, Jonah read a book.

After the job was done, the onlookers got over their panic extremely quickly. I guess giant carnivore plant attacks are commonplace enough in Sunset Valley for people to just shrug it off and make snowmen.
The whole ordeal left Kylie very tired, though. She fell asleep in her shoes and helmet, slept until the end of her shift, and then went home to plonk herself right back in bed.

Except then she was immediately woken up again for her husband's birthday. He, too, is doing that midlife crisis thing.
I never really cared for this midlife crisis stuff and I'm certainly not letting them quit their jobs or get divorces or anything based on stupid whims, but maybe one day I'll actually try it out.
That day is not today, though. Or any point in the next sim week, until their moodlets expire.

The next day was Snowflake Day, giving Kylie a much needed day off. Her and Jonah decided to go on a date to the winter festival, where they completely ignored each other aside from a greeting card photo and some skating
I'm getting a strange sense of deja vu here. There was one major difference, though....


From here on out, I think you can probably expect updates once or twice a week, depending on my schedule. This one's early because I had some spare time and enough happened in such a short time frame that I could fill the update.

As usual, have some misc. screenshots.
Hardimos and Taiga being a cute couple
Kylie and Jonah being a couple
They're both really awful at skating
Kylie's accumulating quite the collection here
Taiga met a raccoon
Taiga and the raccoon playing in the snow


  1. The firefighter career sounds super stressful. o_o I have a hard time with the AMB professions since they take a lot of attention, but the screaming, dying sims would probably push me over the edge.

    1. Haha, I don't blame you. I haven't had any sims actually die before I could rescue them, but at the same time I haven't had any large emergencies spawn fires indoors, so maybe that's why.
      I do pretty well with micro-managing things, so I think the AMB professions work pretty well for me. That being said, I can understand why they're not for everyone. :)