Thursday, 9 March 2017

Update 1-2

The due date for the bills was approaching quickly, with Kylie's stipend nowhere in sight. They'd already received warning of the repo man, but without the stipend all they could do was sit and wait for their things to be taken. They still couldn't even afford to give  Taiga a proper meal, and had to give up the last of their sausage links instead.
Taiga didn't seem to mind, though.
Kylie and Jonah tried to keep optimistic.  They decided to have a nice romantic night talking about their days and watching the stars.
And by watching the stars, I mean sitting outside on the wet grass in the vegetable garden staring at the wall.
Meanwhile, Taiga decided that she'd need to come up with her own source of food to tide her, because apparently the humans were incompetent and couldn't feed her. As it happened, hunting small animals (as well as catnip toys and random little bits of trash) was something she wanted to keep doing - she kept rolling wishes related to hunting. Jonah is less amused with this hobby.

The next morning was a particularly bad one. Jonah burned breakfast, Kylie broke the bathtub, and the repo (wo)man showed up.
In this last one, I thought she was taking the potty chair - but no, she stole the toilet paper instead.
But hey, look at the plus side! She also took the laundry hamper, so all the dirty laundry they'd accumulated disappeared.
(I'm just going to mention here that I cheated in a new hamper so that laundry would be re-enabled as per the rules. I disallowed them from actually using it until they could afford to legitimately buy one, though. I realized while writing this that I probably should have just deleted something else of a similar value to the hamper instead, but it's too late now. Sorry.)

Kylie and Jonah decided that the day could still be salvaged, however. It was leisure day, so Kylie had a day off of work. They decided to spend it at the summer festival.
I meant to take more screenshots, but they didn't do anything especially interesting. Jonah spent most of the trip on the skating rink and fishing, while Kylie played soccer and ate a snow cone. For the most part, they entirely ignored each other. Nice one, guys. Epic date.
At the very least, it wasn't all bad.
After they both went to bed for the night, I demolished the old fire station and spent a good chunk of yesterday rebuilding a new one. I don't have screenshots of the building, but if anyone wants to see all of it I'd be glad to take some.
The next morning, Kylie was finally able to handle her first emergency! No more rescuing cats out of trees and repairing fire trucks, Kylie's in the big leagues now!
Well, actually, she still does have to do the fire truck maintenance and she's never rescued a cat from a tree because they don't climb trees in the first place, but still.
She got a promotion after this. You go, Kylie!
The rest of the work day was uneventful, but just as Kylie was getting ready to leave...
Is that a co-worker?
Co-workers!! Evidently, they're taking the shift after Kylie's. She introduced herself to them and then went home.

This didn't put an end to their bad luck, though. Oh no.
Kylie and Jonah were asleep in bed that night when Kylie woke up to the sound of movement in the next room. Was it Taiga? For a moment, she considered ignoring it and just going back to sleep, but she decided that she should check it out, just in case.
And boy, was she glad she did.

As soon as she saw the burglar, Kylie immediately leapt to fight her.
Despite her efforts, Kylie was overpowered. Still, the burglar evidently felt threatened as she ran off without taking anything anyway. During the fight, Jonah had called the police, but they came horribly late and the burglar had already been long gone.

The weekend was uneventful until Kylie's stipend finally came in. They went off and payed the bills, fed the cat, and Jonah went to the laundromat to clean their filthy clothes.

Then, while Kylie was at work, Jonah decided to surprise her now that they had some money to spare. On his way home from grocery shopping, he made a quick detour to the Wainwright household.
The little boy's name is Hardimos, as assigned by the game. In case you can't tell, he's intended to be Taiga's mate when he grows up. They were a bit wary of each other at first, but they soon got over it.
In that last screenshot, they're actually playing pounce - but doesn't it look like they're hugging?? Awww.

A couple things happened that I missed getting screenshots for, which I really wish I did. Firstly, after they got home from the festival, Jonah autonomously went off to go read a book. As soon as he picked it up though, Kylie - also autonomously - went off to go kiss him. It would have been a sweet gesture, had she not immediately picked up the book Jonah put down and ran off to go read it herself afterwords.

Secondly, for some reason the mailwoman decided she hates the mailbox. Every time she brings mail now, she gets mad, yells, and throws the bills on the floor before walking off. For some reason.

That's it for update 1-2, I'm afraid.
But like last time, I do have some miscellaneous screenshots that don't fit anywhere else. I'll post links to the images because I don't want to lag anyone's browser more than I already am.
Kylie on her second emergency
Hardimos's first meal in his new home
Kylie practicing her guitar at the station
"What do you mean my wife just got beat up and my house was nearly robbed? Waffles are so much more important!"
This glowing is really irritating
Taiga has no standards
Instead of using the perfectly good staircase, Kylie the showoff slides down the fire pole holding a tray of raw hot dogs
They got a nice photo at the summer festival, too, to go on the dresser
Kylie was the one who started this fight, and yet here we have the burglar leaping at her with a silly look on her face


  1. Nice work on putting up your blog! If you have any questions feel free to ask, but you seem to have figured it out quite well already! :) Love your humor in this update too, sims can be so weird!

    Ah yes, a classic sims date. My sims also tend to ignore each other when they go out if I don't tell them what to do, even going so far as eating on separate tables at the bistro...

    Now I'm looking forward to Taiga's babies - and the Sim baby of course, I assume it won't take too long since you already have baby stuff in your house!

    1. [I thought I'd replied to this, but it isn't showing up. If I've responded to you twice - sorry!]
      [And this time I couldn't get it to actually show up as a _reply_ >_>]


      Haha, nice to know I'm not the only one having that problem. They even take separate taxis. I don't get it - why on earth would they do that? Good thing taxis don't cost money in the world of Sims.

      The Taiga/Hardimos and Kylie/Jonah babies will most likely come next update! If not then, than 1-4. Kylie and Jonah rolled the wish for having a child a while ago, I'm just waiting to get a reasonable amount of money before they have a kid. As I type this they have §1,170 (this is right after the stipend from just after the end of this update) - my goal is to hit §2,000 first. Then babies :D

  2. We've all cheated in minor ways when our games throw something at us like a repo(wo)man repoing the laundry hamper (I had to use "kaching" several times in my legacy when my writer wasn't given her royalties).

    Sim dates are impossible. I think I've had like one good one in the entire time I've been playing. XD

    I'm looking forward to babies/kittens. :D

    1. That seems fair. I've been having to use cheats to delete dirty laundry and sell+rebuy the hamper every time I send Jonah to go to the laundromat. He's clearly doing laundry there, just not _his_ laundry judging by the fact that it's still left at home.

      I think the only way to get a sim date to work properly is to turn off free will and command them to do everything :/ In my experience, it's just not worth it - especially if you have other sims who aren't on the date trying to get things done.

      I'm looking forward to them too! I should have the next update up some time today or tomorrow. I managed to get enough content the fill a whole update in the span of about three sim days thanks to some pretty interesting things happening. The whole thing is written and ready :D