Friday, 2 June 2017

Update 2-5

Dear mom and dad...
Hey!! It's Zachary, but you already know that. I made it to university just fine, in case you were wondering. I just got home from the meet and greet. I wish it was a little later, I barely finished unpacking in time. I got the same dorm room again - it's familiar. I like familiar
I met some of my dormmates, too.  They're... interesting. Most of them are decent enough, but... this one guy just randomly walked up to me and tried to make, ahem, romantic advances. Total stranger. Didn't even get his name.
Clark is coming for another term, too. I don't like Clark. He's lazy, ignorant, and selfish. He doesn't do any work and yet he still gets more than anyone who does and it drives me up the wall! Worse still, he has the talent to do great things, and I can tell he does, but since he's so lazy it all goes to waste!
 Ugghhh...but I shouldn't lose my temper. I know. It's just a bit frustrating is all.
But enough about that. I started classes. Drawing and painting sure looks easy, but... it's really not. I got credits towards my degree based on my cooking skill, but cooking has absolutely nothing to do with this course. So I'm the one in an art course that doesn't know how to draw anything more than a stick figure, and everyone else around me is really talented. They don't say anything, but you can tell that they're judging me, and I'm the weird useless guy again who's only here to do their laundry sometimes.
 They think I'm gullible too. You know, the other day one of them put up green makeup and started roaring at me and pretending to be a zombie. Of course he wasn't a zombie. If he was, he'd've bit me. He just stood there making dumb noises, even when I laughed at him. He kinda stunk, though. I wonder if any of them take showers. 
They had a big fire party. A fire party! Do they want the place to burn down?! Firefighters like you, mom, are working themselves to the bone to keep Simnation safe from fires, and then sims like this just run around playing with it like it's a toy. You know, some science kid threw chemicals on the fire! Chemicals!!
I couldn't get to sleep that night. I was scared that they were going to burn the place down while I was in bed and I wouldn't be able to get out in time. I just stayed up and checked after them to make sure they didn't leave the taps on and flood everything whenever they use them.

The dorms didn't catch fire, miraculously. But do you know what did?
The oven! They really should offer cooking courses - if this girl knew even the basics of how to use an oven, this wouldn't have happened.
The fire department showed up really fast, though, thankfully. Good thing we all had a fire alarm.
I got my report card in a few minutes ago. Guess what!! I got an A! I have no idea how I managed it, honestly. I don't think I learned anything about art from this. But hey, I got the grade!!
Graduation is tomorrow. Same place and time as last time. Do you think you can make it? I know notice is short, but maybe if you take the fire engine you can make it...
 Anyway. I'm out of time. I gotta go to bed now, so that I can be up early tomorrow. Night mom, night dad.
--Love, Zachary

Honestly, it's been like a month and all I have for you is this. But really, I couldn't extend it beyond this point. It'd just be forced and clunky and all that.

No misc screenshots, this time, unless you want more images of Zachary in a lecture hall. You don't want more images of Zachary in a lecture hall. It's not interesting at the least.
You'd think there'd be more happening in a university, but n o p e. Just some kid trying to graduate from art college by drawing stick figures. As an art student I can confirm that you would not graduate with an A by doing that. Hell, the professor would probably just get annoyed that you bothered to show up when you clearly had never drawn in your entire life. But these are sim professors so anything goes.


  1. Yay, it's been a while!

    That was his second out of three degrees now, right?
    Don't be so hard on Zachary, obviously his stick figures represent the insignificance of humankind compared to the vast universe and other very deep thoughts; and his professor sees this, so clearly he deserved that A!

    And lmao, now I want to see Kylie racing to the campus in the fire truck with the blue flashing siren =D

    1. Yeah, third one (P.E.) is up next and I'm probably going to only spend one update on that one, too. Uni gets repetitive after the first degree, lmao.

      Oh, of course! How could I possibly have missed that! :0 Clearly, Zachary is an artistic genius.

      There's probably a rule against using the fire engine with the sirens and lights for personal things like this, but Kylie doesn't care. This is clearly very important. They can't afford to fire (hah) her anyway - she's the only one who does any work anyway. :P

  2. Golly you have a lot of patience for Uni. XD I don't think I ever finished a single degree.

    Yeah, I can't imagine a stick figure artist doing too well in an actual art program. Even with Nocriel's explanation. ;) But TS3 is a strange beast.

    I feel bad for Zachary--he's so worried all the time.

    1. Ahaha, I don't know how I managed it to be honest. It was... fairly repetitive. I'm hoping I don't get thrown into this again ;;

      Sims logic makes no sense to me, but I guess stick figures are considered fine art now. :P

      You're gonna feel worse for him later D: oops.